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The Best Boy and Girl Kitten Names

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If you're about to welcome a new kitten to your home, you'll need to think of the perfect name for them! That's why we've created this list of the best boy and girl kitten names to assist you on your way to giving your new four-legged friend a name that suits them to a T.

Once you've finally got a new kitten, there comes a very important task: choosing a name! While it can be as easy as looking into their big, adorable eyes and the perfect kitten name just pops into your head, sometimes, it's not always straight forward and you need a little inspiration to get you going.

Here at Purina, we've compiled this list of all of our favourite girl and boy kitten names to help you find the perfect moniker for your new fluffy tailed friend.


Top tips for choosing a kitten name

The first step in choosing your kitten's name is to make sure it's not too long. Where there's nothing funnier than a cat called Pawdry Hepburn or Lord Fluffybutt, these can get confusing for your kitty. It's not likely that you'll need to call out their name in a busy park (like you do with dogs), but it's still a good idea to stick to names that are one or two syllables, or if you really want it to be longer, think of what the shortened version for the name will be.

If you can wait, sometimes it's best to wait a few days before deciding on your boy or girl kitten name, this way you can take in their personality and breed into account. You may find that after spending a little time with them, the ideal kitten name just materialises based on something they do or who they look like!


Girl kitten names


You may recognise this cute girl kitten name from Alice in Wonderland. Characterised as a fluffy red cat with big green eyes in the 1950's film, this name is perfect for kitties with an adventurous personality.


There's nothing cuter than a cat with a flower name. If you have a cat breed with blue eyes, this name is perfect for paying tribute to the sapphire hue of their eyes - or if you have a Russian Blue kitten, it'll be a great way to play on the breed name and reference their stunning blueish coats.


If you have a ginger cat, there's nothing better than going for a classic kitten name. Referring to the spicy ginger root, this is the perfect name for red-furred kitties which are feisty and playful.


This is a girl kitten name that's become very popular in recent years. Where the cute name works for all cat breeds, we think it best suits a black and white tuxedo cat with white paws or a Snowshoe due to their cute little white mitts!


Hailing from the gemstone, Ruby is one of the best and most popular jewel names. It's perfect for fawn Abyssinian cats or a brown Bengal as these two breeds possess coats with a wonderfully rich red hue.


If you have small elegant looking cat breed, Tinkerbell might be just the name you're looking for. Taken from the fairy in Peter Pan, this girl kitten name best suits smaller kitties with a feisty or diva-like personality (much like the namesake).


This delightful kitten name comes from the Roman goddess of the moon and in Latin, it literally translates to 'moon'. Whether you have a snow-white kitty, or a jet-black cat who suits an ironic name, this magical word is sure to suit the tiny goddess in your life.


Boy kitten names


If you have a kitten that's very smart and cute, Alfie will suit them to a T. The name means 'wise counsellor' and is a shortened version of the name Alfred, but we think the nickname is far more fitting for a four-legged friend.


In the same vein as Alfie, Oscar is an older name that's been gaining popularity. Meaning 'champion warrior', this boy kitten name is ideal if your little kitty has a love of the hunt.


Milo means 'solider' and is a super versatile boy kitten name which suits just about every breed and colour. So, whether you have a tabby moggy or a seal point Ragdoll, this name is bound to suit.


If your kitty is super sneaky and just a bit of a food hog, Meeko is the perfect choice. The name comes from the cheeky Raccoon in Pocahontas who's always causing mischief, and we think it makes a fun and cute name for your little kitten.


This boy kitten name comes from J.R.R. Tolkien's classic, The Lord of the Rings. Frodo's a small and hairy hobbit with plenty of courage, so if you have a brave and fluffy kitten this could be an amazing fit.


If your little kitten has a big cat personality, Simba would make a great name. Popularised by The Lion King, the name is actually Swahili in origin and means 'lion'.


Coming from the Latin for 'olive tree', Oliver is a super cute boy kitten name. It's another name which would work particularly well with ginger cat breeds as the Disney movie, Oliver & Company features an adorable ginger kitten as the lead.

That's our list of our favourite kitten names! Looking for a name for a particular colour of cat? Read our amazing grey cat names, best black cat names and top white cat names next.