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9 Small Dog Breeds You'll Fall in Love With

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The perfect companion might be a small fluffy joy of a dog that can't wait for you to come home so you can cuddle together for the rest of the evening. If you're eager to welcome a small pup into the family, we've rounded up some of the most popular small dog breeds.

If you've always wanted a nice little dog that draws smiles everywhere you go, this is your chance to get familiar with the cutest small companions ever. We've put together some of the best small dogs you could wish for. From tiny fluffy pooches to the ones ready to charm you with their bold looks and adventurous spirits, these small dog breeds are a delight to have in your life.


The best small dogs

1. The cute Bichon Frise

Imagine the perfect small dog breed and you'll probably come close to the Bichon Frise's baby-doll face, plush coat and always-happy personality. They are lively and love to learn new tricks, but the Bichon is equally happy all curled up on your lap in the evening.

They love people so much that they'll make friends for life with any human that stops to pet their snow-white fluffy coat. And thanks to their cotton ball looks and sparkling big black eyes, there will be plenty of them, from family and friends to complete strangers. The downside of all this affection they show is that they need it back in return. Bichon Frise dogs don't like being by themselves and can go through bouts of separation anxiety if left home alone.

If you can arrange for constant human presence, this is one of the cutest small dog breeds to welcome to the family.

2. The smart Boston Terrier

The dapper Boston Terrier is a joy to be around. Lively and very smart, they will learn their "stay" and "fetch" commands in almost no time. But this doesn't mean they'll always perform for you.

With their stubborn nature expect some convincing to make them listen to you. However, early socialisation should keep their good nature on full display most of the time.

Boston Terriers are some of the most affectionate small dog breeds, making fast friends with all family members, including kids. They're happy to go anywhere as long as they're with family. Their Tuxedo jacket look means you might even get away with fancy events too.

3. The vocal Miniature Schnauzer

Boasting a personality twice their size and with a bearded haircut as their signature look, this breed has got to be one of the best small dogs out there. The Miniature Schnauzer is a loyal and affectionate dog, so don't expect to spend too much time apart. Their enthusiasm is infectious and it manifests with copious tail-wagging and jumping every time they see you, but it can also include loud barking showdowns that needs to be controlled with training.

This small dog breed is a hero when it comes to agility training and always up for fun family activities, so get yourself familiar with the best puppy sports in advance. One thing is for sure, you'll never be bored with a Miniature Schnauzer in the family.

4. The funny Pug

With a history than spans centuries and continents, the Pug is the quintessential small dog breed. They fit perfectly on your lap and have a lively and cheerful demeanour that means they're always ready to join you on a fun day out. From Chinese emperors to European merchants and English royalty, the Pug has charmed them all.

After all there's nothing that this small dog likes more than to be in the centre of attention, showing off their impressive comic abilities. Their facial expressions are unique among the canines so wait for the utter-confusion face when they don't understand something. But it's that happy smile they put on ready for when you come back home that's the winner of them all.

5. The fearless Affenpinscher

Who knew that such a big name is a match for such a small dog breed? In translation Affenpinscher means "Monkey Dog" and it's the perfect way to describe this feisty little ball of fun. The Affen's utter confidence despite their tiny demeanour is a thing to behold. The good news is that early puppy socialisation can help tame their instincts in favour of more friendly social skills.

The Affenpinscher won't go mad for long walks, preferring instead a combination of short ones peppered with plenty of fun fetching games. And make sure you have the dog toys sorted to keep them entertained.

6. The calm Bolognese

Taking the name from their hometown of Bologna, Bolognese dogs are the most serene furball you could wish for. They're a true canine cuddler and a people-pleaser, which means that you can spend hours with them on your lap - they won't mind.

The Bolognese are not your average yappy small dog breed - they tend to keep quiet and only bark occasionally if there's a stranger at the door or to notify you of new and unusual things they've proudly discovered.

7. The always-entertaining Dachshund

Small dog breeds are a category full of signature looks and the short-legged, long-bodied Dachshund is one of the main stars. Immediately recognisable and with an affectionate temperament.

Ready to win many hearts over, they are the perfect dog if you want a small pup with big dog personality.

Originally bred for hunting, the short Dachshund will show plenty of related behaviour such as a penchant for digging, a tenacious dedication to earning a reward and a loud bark that doesn't match their diminutive size. But it's precisely these characteristics that make them one of the best companions you'll ever have.

8. The regal Pekingese

When a small dog breed was created for the Chinese royalty centuries ago, little did anyone suspect that this imperial favourite would find their way into the hearts of people all over the world. The Pekingese roamed ancient palaces a long time ago and they haven't forgotten their effortless rolling gait. Just watch them carry their graceful, dignified appearance into any room and wait for the sound of a collective "aww".

Brave, loyal, smart and with an independent mind, the Pekingese has the traits of a prince charming all wrapped into a fluffy soft coat, just perfect to curl up next to.

9. The protective Peekapoo

If you're not familiar with the lovely Peekapoo you might think it's a name we've just made up. In reality this small dog breed is an adorable Pekingese Poodle mix you will fall in love with straight away. As protective dogs, it's important to socialise the Peekapoo early on, otherwise you'll find them trying to defend you from everything in sight.

Perfect to curl up with on the sofa, eager to go play outside and happy to learn tricks and good manners, the Peekapoo is one of the best small dogs you could have.

We hope you've enjoyed our foray into the adorable world of small pooches. If you need even more tiny canines to marvel over, check our article about tiny dogs that stay small. Once you've decided on the perfect dog for you, it's time to choose an equally cute name. See our unique dog names suggestions for some inspiration.