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8 Fluffy Cat Breeds

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Boasting super soft coats and a teddy bear-like appearance, fluffy cats are guaranteed to melt your heart and make perfect snuggle companions. Find out more about our top 8 fluffy cat breeds in this article.

With their cuddly appearance and super soft fur, fluffy cats are almost like real-life teddy bears. There's nothing more comforting than when they're lying on your lap and you get to run your fingers through their silky coats. But, with great coat comes great responsibility, and it's important to know that there's a price to pay for a long, luxurious coat - and that's regular grooming! If you have enough time in your schedule for a fluffy cat breed, we promise they'll make the perfect cuddle companion.


How does a cat's coat work?

Cats can have up to three layers of coat which can be made up of the following:

  • Topcoat - these are the guard hairs on the surface, they're the thickest type and will protect your cat against the elements.
  • Undercoat - the undercoat is also referred to as 'down' and these are the incredibly soft and fluffy hairs which act as insulation.
  • Awn hairs - the awn hairs will depend on your cat's breed, but usually they make up your cat's normal coat.

Not all cats will have all the layers and some will only have the one.


8 Fluffy cat breeds

If you like your kitties with a little more fur, then you'll probably be wondering about the fluffy cat breeds you can get. This list of our top 8 has everything from Persians to Ragamuffins - keep reading to find the perfect fluffy cat for you.

1. Persian

Most commonly seen as white fluff balls in television and film (think Mr. Tinkles in Cats & Dogs), the Persian is one of the best loved fluffy cat breeds. Their coat is long and thick all over, with an impressive ruff around their neck and a dramatic tail which would put your feather duster to shame. Due to their amount of fur, it should come as no surprise that they'll require daily grooming to ensure their coat's kept in tip top condition.

2. Maine Coon

You'll probably know the Maine Coon as one of the largest cat breeds, and believe us when we say that they have the coat to match! Boasting long bushy tails and a thick, silky coat which was adapted for Maine's climate, this fluffy cat even has paws with thick fur, bred to help protect them against snow during the winter months.

While they'll need plenty of grooming to prevent matting, you'll be pleased to know that Maine Coons have social natures and generally love being brushed. Make sure you do it gently though - no cat will appreciate having their fur tugged at!

3. Ragdoll

Ragdolls are a fluffy cat breed known to steal the hearts of many because of their adorable looks and laidback personalities. They have plush, silky-soft fur and no undercoat, which means that despite having a lot of fur, it's easy to care for and less likely to get knotted or matted. To keep a ragdoll's coat in tip-top condition, brush your cat at least once or twice a week with a soft bristled brush (this is important as they have no undercoat, so you'll be much closer to their skin).

4. Birman

The Birman is a quiet and gentle fluffy cat. Similar to the Ragdoll they have no undercoat, making them super soft and relatively low-maintenance as the fur doesn't tend to mat. Interestingly, they're born completely white and develop their markings and points as they get older, yet they always keep their adorable white feet that look like gloves.

5. Siberian Forest Cat

Siberian Forest Cats are medium in size but look much bigger thanks to their thick coat. Boasting an incredibly intelligent coat specially adapted to cope in their homeland of Russia, they have a thick undercoat which keeps them warm all winter, yet sheds in the summer, so it's light enough to keep them cool during the summer months. During the summer they may not be quite as much of a fluffy cat, but they will still have their wonderfully bushy tails and more fur than your average moggy.

6. Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is an incredibly fluffy cat breed which is also large in size. Their long, plush coats are waterproof with thick insulation and a bushy tail to match. This is due to the fact they are descended from wild cats living in Norwegian forests.

7. Himalayan

Originating as a mix between the Siamese and Persian, the Himalayan is a fluffy cat with a long and full glossy coat and a dramatic ruff around their neck. Despite the fact that they have a lot of coat, it's quite fine which makes it super-soft to the touch. However, this does mean that their fur is prone to tangling so daily grooming will be necessary.

8. Ragamuffin

If you think the Ragamuffin looks similar to the Ragdoll, you'd be right. This fluffy cat breed was created as breeders wanted to bring more colours and patterns to the stunning Ragdoll. They combined them with Persians, Himalayans and other domestic long-haired cats, resulting in a teddy-bear type cat with the cuddly personality to match. Boasting a silky coat, much like the Ragdoll their coat is tangle resistant, so it should only require weekly brushing.

Those are our top 8 fluffy cat breeds! Looking to find out more about your cat's behaviour? Read our 14 fun facts about cats article.