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Quiz: What Cat Breed Are You?

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With so many cat breeds in the world today, have you ever wondered which one you'd be? Take our quiz here to find out which cat breed matches your personality.

Many people don't realise that there are so many different breeds of cat. There's a huge amount to choose from and each have their own unique characteristics and personality traits. Some kitties are friendly and affectionate, while others are aloof cats that prefer spending time alone. There are even cats that act a little bit like dogs!

Have you ever wondered what cat breed you are? Well now you can find out! Take our cat breed quiz below, add up your results as you go along and find out what cat breed you are at the end!


1. How do you feel about other people?

a) They're great!
b) I like people, as long as I'm the centre of attention.
c) My family are the only people who matter.
d) I don't really mind them.
e) Eww, other people.


2. How would others describe you?

a) Playful.
b) Charming.
c) Kind.
d) Chilled.
e) A loner.


3. Your friends want to hang out, what do you suggest?

a) Let's party!
b) Shopping, of course.
c) I don't mind, I'll let someone else decide.
d) Going for a walk somewhere in nature.
e) Ugh, no thanks. I'll pass.

4. Where would your ideal place to live be?

a) A busy city with great nightlife.
b) A nice house in the suburbs.
c) I'm happy wherever, as long as the people are nice.
d) A cottage in the countryside.
e) My own private island, population: me!

5. What's your favourite cat movie star?

a) Puss in Boots, he's always up for fun!
b) Sassy from Homeward Bond, she's fabulous.
c) Oliver from Oliver & Company!
d) Mrs Norris from Harry Potter.
e) Mr Tinkles from Cats & Dogs.


6. Which of these would you pick for your next holiday?

a) Egypt.
b) Thailand.
c) California.
d) Canada.
e) Russia.


7. What about your dream job?

a) Party planner.
b) Actor.
c) Doctor.
d) Park ranger.
e) Author.

8. What's your idea of a perfect first date?

a) Something fun, like dancing.
b) A dinner in a fancy restaurant.
c) I'll let them pick the place.
d) A picnic somewhere scenic.
e) I don't date.

9. How did you feel about school?

a) It was really fun!
b) I loved it, I was one of the popular kids.
c) I liked hanging out with my friends.
d) It was okay, glad it's over now though.
e) School was the WORST!


10. What's your attitude toward dogs?

b) I guess they can be fun.
c) I like them as long as they're nice.
d) Not a fan.
e) Hate them.


11. At a party you're...

a) Dancing, having a great time.
b) The centre of attention.
c) Chatting to everyone.
d) Finding a quiet place to chill out.
e) I wouldn't go.


12. Last but not least, pick an activity:

a) Going to a club with friends.
b) Having a facial at the spa.
c) Spending time with your loved ones.
d) Hiking in the mountains.
e) Playing games alone in my room.

Count up your results and scroll down to find out what cat breed you are!


What cat breed are you?

Mostly A) Abyssinian

You're an Abyssinian! You're the life of the party in all situations and you think life is all about having fun, not worrying what people think of you. You love everything about the world and your favourite way to pass the time is having fun with your friends. You can usually be seen dancing and having the best time.

Mostly B) Siamese

You're a Siamese! Known by everyone as the popular one of your social circle, you're a real charmer and extremely talkative. Your hair is always perfectly styled and you thrive off being the centre of attention at all times.

Mostly C) Ragdoll

You're a Ragdoll! Most people would describe you as one of the kindest souls they've ever met. You're happiest when you're with close friends or family and you love making others happy.

You're probably also really popular, but that's because everyone likes you without you even trying.

Mostly D) Maine Coon

You're a Maine Coon! You're a real cool cat and super easy-going. You like spending time with your friends but you're also happy being alone. You've a real affinity for nature and love nothing more than getting out in the great outdoors and exploring everything the world has to offer.

Mostly E) Russian Blue

You're a Russian Blue! People may say that sometimes you come off as a little aloof or standoffish at times. You can take a long time to warm up to people, but once they're your friend, they're a friend for life.

Mostly, you would rather spend time enjoying your own company than going out socialising with others.

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