What if the volume or amount of pet food seems low?

All our pet food is weighed before it leaves for distribution, but sometimes things can go wrong. Learn what to do if the amount of your pet food seems low.

If your bag or box appears to be underweight

Our bags are often bigger than the amount of food designed for them. This can make it look like there’s less food in there than should be. All bags are weighed before leaving the factory. But if you’re still concerned, please get in touch so we can find out more. Having the pack details and the batch codes really help us to find out what went wrong.

Sealed empty pouches

The production of our pouches is a really speedy process and, occasionally, a rouge empty pouch can make its way through with the full pouches. We have a blower on the production line to try and catch these little escapees, but they can cling onto other pouches. Hopefully, these are little extras rather than a missing pouch but either way we would love to know. The batch code from the empty pouch and the code on the outer box are both really helpful to have in this situation.