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Top 5 Fun Games for Cats

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Playing games and spending time with your cat is an important part of being a cat owner. Playing with them is not only a fun form of exercise for both of you, but it also helps to keep your cat stimulated.

Take a look at our five fun games for cats to get ideas for keeping both you and your furry friend entertained for hours.


1. Games for cats with bubbles

Bubbles aren’t just for kids; they make for a great game for cats too! Bubbles come number one on our list because they are so much fun for both you and your cat. Remember that you should buy bubbles that are pet-friendly. Not all bubble fluid is safe for pets, so make sure you’re buying products that are designed for cats.

Most cats try to pounce on the bubbles once they land; this is because their unpredictable movement can appeal to a cat’s natural hunting instinct. Some cats even jump in the air and try to catch the bubbles before they land!


2. Chasing games for cats 

A love of chasing things is a hunting behaviour that your feline friend loves to live up to. That’s one of the reasons a mouse toy is so much fun for them to play with. There are lots of types of toys you can use like the ‘mouse on a string’ toy, or make your own with anything that dangles.

To kick things off wave the mouse in front of your cat. This should gain their attention and get them ready to take part. Once they are interested, start dragging the mouse slowly on the floor - your cat should either start chasing the mouse or begin to try and pounce on it. Lastly, move around the room while pulling the mouse along the floor, as this will get your cat moving and encourage them to exercise. You could also try dimming the lights when you play; after all, cats naturally prefer to hunt at night.


3. Using a cardboard box

As many owners know, cats love to hide either under (or inside) a whole range of household objects. Boxes are no exception, and they can provide your car or kitten with hours of fun. All you have to do is place your box on the floor and watch as your cat investigates. Most cats will try and go inside the box; once inside, why not run a toy along the floor in front of the opening to the box? This will encourage your cat to pounce out of the box and try and catch the toy. If you are going to play this game make sure you use a toy on a string, so your feline friend won’t accidently scratch you when trying to grab the toy. Find out why cats love boxes so much with our fun article.

ginger kitten playing in a box

4. Ping pong game for cats

If your cat is in need of some exercise then this fun cat game is ideal. All you need for this great game is a ping pong ball and a wooden floor.

To begin, walk into a room or hallway with a wooden floor with your cat, then begin to roll the ball slowly across the wooden floor. Your cat will chase the ball around the room and try to catch it between their paws. This fun cat game is great exercise and is particularly ideal for house cats, as they are less likely to be active.


5. Tablet games for cats

Tablet games are a lot of fun for both cat and owner. If you have a tablet, take a look at the wide array of cat games and apps available for you to download on your app store or take a look on YouTube. These cat games usually encourage your cat to be interactive with the screen.

For example, they may do this by showing your cat a video of a moving mouse or fish. Once your feline hits the moving ‘prey’ they get a point, and a new creature then comes along for them to try and catch. This type of cat game is a lot of fun for you to watch as well.

ginger cat playing with an ipad game

Playtime tips for cats

When playing and finding games for your cat, always make sure the environment around them is safe. This means picking up any items from the floor and moving any ornaments or objects that you don’t want your cat to knock over. It’s also important to make sure you put your cat’s toys away once you have finished playing with them; this will stop them getting bored of their toys, and make them excited when you get them out to play the next day.